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About Kaleidoscope Luxury PR & Communications
Our NYC PR agency's story

Founded in 2015, Kaleidoscope Luxury PR & Communications is the result of two decades of experience in luxury design and branding, focusing on public relations with top luxury houses in home furnishings, fine art, watches, and jewelry.

Katia Graytok is the innovative communications powerhouse behind Kaleidoscope Luxury PR, with 20+ years' experience guiding brand marketing. She generates unique global opportunities for her clients by employing strategic plans, sales programs, education, and marketing partnerships.

Her clients receive expert guidance from a skilled creator of brand awareness. Her professional accomplishments include one-on-one communications with design, media, and sales teams to identify and capture unique markets and customers.

Katia has a keen eye for detail, a sophisticated business sense, and an enterprising mentality.

Kaleidoscope Luxury PR & Communications provides the story behind the world's most exquisite furnishings to an elite and sophisticated clientele. We provide unrivaled advice to luxury fashion, beauty, art, and lifestyle brands by developing strong partnerships. We've cultivated extensive media, communications, visual merchandising, and celebrity relationships in the past two decades. It's your story; we'll help you tell it.

Luxury marketing NYC and public relations.